Why Choose ITI

Why Choose ITI

The Centre for vocational excellence. Your future and success starts here!
Today the core principles of Impact Training Institute are embedded in all aspects of the company so that you will achieve an experience like no other, and one that truly aims to educate, inspire and motivate. We put an emphasis on excellence and encouraging ambition, which is why we have an exceptional record of student success.


  • We promise to deliver an experience like no other, and one that truly aims to educate, inspire and motivate.
  • We have a culture of high expectations for both staff and students.
  • We are driven to produce results through people.
  • Outstanding quality assurance standards for training and development.
  • We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.
  • We have a broad curriculum and extensive opportunities for enrichment.
  • You come first!


“Impact Training Institute is a highly professional, community spirited and progressive training body. Offering flexible, tailored training solutions designed to educate, inspire and motivate individuals and businesses helping them reach and achieve their goals and aspirations”


Impact Training Institute will be regarded as the centre of vocational excellence. An Institute of choice to local, national, international students and businesses.  ITI will embrace new ideas and fresh innovation to provide for continuous improvement leading to sustainable growth.  Our success will be derived from our relentless pursuit to educate, inspire and motivate in an environment characterised by flexibility, adaptability and innovation. Our commitment and focus on the quality of education and the products and services we deliver will be regarded as fresh, innovative, and at world class standards.


Did you know that at Impact Training Institute:

  1. Ethical behaviour governs the decisions, behaviours and actions of all members within Impact Training Institute (ITI).
  2. We uphold individual worth and integrity
  3. Every individual deserves respect
  4. We respect and support diversity.
  5. We encourage individual’s thoughts and ideas that lead to continuous improvements to our systems, procedures, products and services.
  6. We only provide exceptional service levels that exceeds expectations
  7. We will always behave towards each other in a respectful, courteous, supportive and dignified manner.