NSW Government’s has recently announced the news of the new Fee-Free Scholarship Program. This program provides individuals aged 15-30, with the total subsidy to cover their course fees in order to undertake a qualification approved under the Smart and Skilled Program. Students will be eligible for one Smart and Skilled Fee-Free Scholarship per financial year. A maximum of two scholarships per person will be provided from 1 July 2015 to 30 June    2019.

“There are 50,000 scholarships available in the 2015/16 financial year. Students who meet the Fee-Free Scholarship eligibility criteria and are living in or on the waitlist for social housing are guaranteed a scholarship to start training.

The Fee Free Scholarship program is an extension to the current NSW funded Smart and Skilled (SS) Program. Smart and Skilled was launched in 2015, and is the NSW’s new government subsidised vocational education and training system. The Smart and Skilled program provides all learners (Eligibility criteria applies) the opportunity to undertake government-subsidised training in areas of focus to the NSW Economy. Fundamentally students will be able to undertake training with Impact Training Institute in order to develop their skills, knowledge and competence to help you find a job, advance your career or assist business in improving workforce capacity through tailored training solutions. From 1 January 2015, under Impact Training Institutes Smart and Skilled contract eligible students will have the opportunity to select courses across a multitude of vocations.

For more information contact Impact Training Institute on 98069822 and speak to one of our friendly Learning and Development Consultants.