Fee Rate Eligibility

Students are required to provide evidence to support their eligibility for the appropriate Smart and Skilled fees. Students will be required to provide evidence in order for ITI to determine if the student is eligible for one of the following fee categories:



Students will be required to declare any post-school qualifications to assess eligibility for a First or Subsequent

Qualification Standard Student fee.


Please refer to Traineeships & Apprenticeships in the student Handbook for more information. However students will be required to be employed in a part-time or full-time position in order to be eligible for the Apprenticeship program.  Please note: An apprentice will be eligible for the apprenticeship fee regardless of the number or level of previous post-school qualifications they hold. Additional fees other than the $2000 student fee, are applicable and these include student tool kit fees.


Students receiving a specified Commonwealth benefit or a student who is a dependant of a person receiving a specified Commonwealth benefit or allowance is eligible for the concession fee up to a Certificate IV level qualification, for approved qualifications under Smart and Skilled. Students applying for a Concession will only be entitled to one concession per calendar year. The concession fee applies to the whole qualification and is a flat fee set for each qualification level, ranging from $80 for a foundation skills course to $240 for a Certificate III or IV.

Students will be required to provide the following proof of eligibility for a concession:

    • a letter from the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) confirming receipt of the benefit. The letter should clearly show the Centrelink Reference Number (CRN); or
    • a current concession card that shows the CRN; or
    • a current Centrelink income statement that clearly shows the benefit or allowance category and the CRN; or
    • any other evidence that clearly shows the CRN and the benefit or allowance category; or
    • for people applying for Austudy or Newstart allowance, an approval letter from Centrelink that shows the CRN and indicates that commencement date of their benefit is within two weeks of their enrolment or two weeks within the date of the first class attendance or participation in training.

Please Note: A student who is seeking a concession as a dependent child, spouse or partner of someone who is receiving a specified Commonwealth benefit or allowance must provide documentary evidence that Centrelink recognises the individual as the dependant. The evidence should clearly show the CRN of the benefit or welfare recipient.


The following is a list of commonwealth concession or allowances that are eligible for concession fees:

1 Age Pension 1 Farm Household Allowance 1 Veterans’ Children Education Scheme
2 Austudy 2 Family Tax Benefit Part A (maximum rate) 2 Veterans’ Affairs Pensions
3 Carer Paymen 3 Parenting Payment (Single) 3 Widow B Pension
4 Disability Support Pension 4 Newstart Allowance 4 Widow Allowance
5 Exceptional Circumstances Relief Payment 5 Special Benefit 5 Youth Allowance
6 Sickness Allowance 6 Wife Pension



    • A NSW Apprentice on a Newstart Allowance is not eligible for a concession fee.
    • A NSW New Entrant Trainee on a Newstart Allowance is not eligible for a concession fee.

Please note: There are no concessions for students enrolling in Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas.


Students who qualify for a fee exemption are:

    • Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
    • people with a disability (that is people who meet the disability fee exemption criteria, including the dependent child, spouse or partner of a recipient of a Disability Support Pension).
    • Fee-Free Scholarship approved learners*.


Please Note:
    • Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will be exempt from fees for any Smart and Skilled enrolments for which they are eligible regardless of the number of enrolments undertaken within a calendar year.
    • Student’s with a disability or their dependant, where eligible for the program, is entitled to one exemption per calendar year and a concession for all subsequent enrolments up to Certificate IV in a calendar year.


* Fee-Free Scholarships - To be eligible for a fee-free scholarship, individuals must first meet the Smart and Skilled personal and program eligibility rules. In addition, individuals must be:

    • Aged between 15 and 30 (inclusive) at the start date for training
    • Eligible for a concession fee (ie either a Commonwealth welfare recipient or a student with a disability undertaking a second qualification in a calendar year)

A social housing resident or person on the NSW Housing Register (waiting list) who seeks a fee-free scholarship will need to confirm, their social housing status on enrolment for the purpose of the fee-free scholarship scheme.  Applicants will need to confirm one of the following “Social Housing” criteria’s:

    • public housing (owned and managed by the Government)
    • community housing (owned and/or managed by community housing providers)
    • Aboriginal housing (owned and/or managed by the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) and Aboriginal Community Housing Providers)
    • crisis accommodation/supported accommodation (Specialist Homelessness Services)
    • private rental assistance managed by Housing NSW (for example: rental bond loans, tenancy guarantees, tenancy facilitation and private rental brokerage)